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New report on social and affordable housing in Thessaloniki

The new report on social and affordable housing in Thessaloniki is an extended summary of key findings from a “Social housing baseline studies” which was conducted in 2020 with the cooperation of the Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The study provides abetter understanding on the housing sector and the housing needs, possibilities and difficulties, methods, tools, and sources of funding in Thessaloniki and offers a useful reference point. Before this study there has been a gap of knowledge on housing in Thessaloniki as the last relevant study was published almost 30 years ago. The report begins by underlining the need for affordable housing in today´s Greece through an analysis of recent developments in the housing sector and in housing costs. Showing that factors like the financial crisis and the management of the “refugee crisis” of the has lead to housing difficulties and drove a significant number of people to housing precariousness and deprivation at the same time as rising housing prices. The report then explores the categories of the population in housing precariousness and gives an account of housing supply in metropolitan Thessaloniki. This is followed by an overview of innovative affordable housing schemes in Europe, and a review of the Greek legal framework and governance possibilities with the aim of shaping an affordable housing policy in Thessaloniki. The report concludes with a set of general guidelines for housing policies at a local level as well as with indicative yet concrete and applicable proposals. Find the full report here:

Affordable HousingThessaloniki_Full Report_ENG_spreads
Download PDF • 5.62MB


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