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January 14, 2018

Urban recycling for the housing we need

By Dr. Yann Maury, the holder of the International CHAIRECOOP chair and Professor at ENTPE Lyon

Yann Maury


30 March 2017

Could new kinds of land tenures be a solution for Europe's housing problems?

By Dr Héctor Simón Moreno, Civil Law Lecturer at University Rovira i Virgili and researcher of the UNESCO Housing Chair URV

Héctor Simón Moreno


5 October 2017

New social and affordable housing in Italy: between public and private initiatives

By Chiara Rizzica, a PhD architect, Project Manager and International Partnerships coordinator at Fondazione Housing Sociale

Chaira Rizzica

Graeme Wilmot.jpg

January 14, 2017

Finland shows example in the fight against homelessness

By Juha Kaakinen, Chief Executive Officer of the Y-Foundation

Juha Kaakinen

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