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"Homelessness is not only about housing, but it’s also always about housing. (...) Only by pooling the existing knowledge and working together to come up with new ideas can the housing and homelessness crisis be halted."


"The housing crisis in Europe is confronted with calls for collective action (…) and the creation of the HSP is something that simply had to be done to further strengthen our already established collaboration and reach a more diverse range of stakeholders."

Housing Europe

The Housing Solutions Platform is a new, expertise- and practice-driven initiative to identify, debate and promote innovative solutions for affordable housing in Europe. It is a joint initiative of FEANTSAthe Fondation Abbé Pierre and Housing Europe.

The platform seeks to make a contribution to addressing Europe’s housing crises. It will connect people, ideas, tools and practices to help generate housing solutions. The Platform aims to go beyond the usual prescriptions and debates. It will focus on innovative solutions and will bring together experts from across Europe, with a broad range of perspectives from different sectors.


“To achieve more affordable, sustainable and inclusive housing in Europe, all the different actors and stakeholders in the sector must work together. We are thankful for the opportunities the Housing Solutions Platform creates to identify concrete actions around housing and urban issues to generate innovation and impact in the region.”

Habitat for Humanity International 

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  • Facilitate mutual exchange and transnational learning on affordable housing solutions

  • Connect cross-sectoral actors (NGOs, private sector, public authorities, policy makers at local, regional, national and EU level, investors) to develop capacity for affordable housing solutions

  • Support the transfer and scaling-up of solutions through pooling of resources

  • Foster innovation and risk-taking to provide new thinking on affordable housing solutions

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HSP Invest supports the piloting and testing of innovative approaches through knowledge transfer and/or funding.



Dissemination of knowledge through the HSP and its networks (website, newsletter, social media).



HSP Debates aims to bring regular debate sessions for an interested and diverse audience in Brussels (and abroad) about specific topics related to affordable housing solutions.

HSP Xchange

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