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HSP Xpert

HSP Xpert enables exchange between cross sectoral experts working on the development of affordable housing solutions, through the establishment of cooperation and training. 

HSP experts bring together a community of practice for housing solutions to learn and exchange on existing challenges and future solutions, to move forward and enhance the supply and mobilisation of existing stocks for more and better affordable housing in Europe.

If you want to join the community of experts, contact us here. We regularly organise opportunities for exchange.

The Housing Solutions Platform has just published a compendium of some of the most innovative and daring examples of housing solutions for the locked out in Europe.

The selected projects focus on providing safe, decent, and affordable housing through many different means including innovative construction, novel legal mechanisms, new forms of inter-agency collaboration, and more. The innovative housing solutions selected by the committee also provide ways to overcome financial and political barriers within the European housing market.

We hope this publication will encourage different stakeholders to become more innovative in the provision of affordable housing solutions and help fill the gaps in existing systems.


Click here to access the publication in full.

























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