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Could new kinds of land tenures be a solution for Europe's housing problems?

Achieving a balanced housing system depends on two things. First, the development and availability of land tenures - such as home ownership, tenancy and intermediate tenures – and second, social housing schemes, as outlined by a recent European Commission report (‘Pilot project - Promoting protection of the right to housing - Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions’). An important recommendation from the report is the promotion of a ‘continuum’ of land tenures (different ways of having a financial stake in your home) within the European Union. This is in line with the priorities of the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda. According to the Commission report, EU member states commit

Time for all of us to take on the housing policy challenge

Until now, systematic approaches to housing policy have generally been put into boxes marked ‘too difficult’, ‘too costly’ or ‘too hard to sell politically’. But the view that being locked out of the housing market contributed to the Brexit vote suggests there is an opportunity to move forward. Housing matters. It matters whatever your personal position in the economy. For the poorest and most vulnerable it is a marker of integration – the ability to participate in society with your most basic needs – having a roof over your head – being met. For those with more resources it has become a marker of economic success – a commodity rather than a home, the prize being unearned wealth from house