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50 Housing Solutions Close-Up: Empty Homes Programmes

Although in physical form our 50 Housing Solutions Publication was finalised long ago, we intend to keep the conversation going regarding its many projects, and use it as a source from which we can keep building knowledge and generate new opportunities for mutual learning and exchange. In this interview we take a closer look at two empty homes programmes: initiatives led by public authorities, housing associations, or other private entities, which seek to match empty homes with those in desperate need of one. About the Programmes: Bizigune Programme, Basque Country, Spain The Bizigune programme was created in 2002, and currently manages 6,079 units in the three territories of the Basque Coun

#50Solutions Online Training 1: The Example of Faith-Based Organisations

As the COVID-19 crisis strikes, the need to adequately house homeless people and vulnerable groups is more urgent than ever. In view of this challenge, the Housing Solutions Platform proposes a dive into its 50 Out-of-the-Box Housing Solutions to Homelessness and Housing Exclusion to explore some of its replicable solutions through an online series of trainings aimed at local authorities and NGOs. Once a month, join the conversation, meet the project managers and learn more about some of the selected projects selected. How was the project set up, what were the obstacles, how were they overcome, and what are ways to mobilise decision makers? Our first training looked at how Christian communit