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4 examples of solutions to address the housing crisis (workshop at the ISHF 2019)

On 6th June, 2019, the Housing Solutions Platform held a workshop at the 2d Edition of the International Social Housing Festival in Lyon. The Housing Solutions Platform presented 4 innovative projects aimed at answering housing needs in France. The workshop was held in English, which made it possible for the participants who came from other countries to listen and benefit from the experience of the speakers. The presentation of the solutions was followed by a discussion with representatives of the Platform's partners, Sarah Coupechoux from the Fondation Abbé Pierre, Bjorn Mallants from Housing Europe and Ruth Owen from FEANTSA, and two experts from Finland and Belgium, Juha Kaakinen, CEO o

Housing Solutions Platform workshop at FEANTSA's Policy Conference 2019

This past week, FEANTSA hosted a workshop at the 2019 FEANTSA Policy Conference in Porto, Portugal. This workshop, facilitated by Juha Kaakinen, CEO of the Y-Foundation, sought to focus on two examples of innovative housing solutions in Europe, in the framework of the “50 housing solutions” HSP call. Both of these solutions were presented by representatives of the organizations and included details about the programs and the positive impact they have had on housing access and reducing homelessness. The first housing solution was presented by Vibe Klarup of The Home for All Alliance (Hjem til alle) in Denmark. The program seeks to target youth homelessness by working for some student housing