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Finding a Home for Ukrainian Refugees in Europe: Exploring Long-Term Housing Solutions

Habitat for Humanity International has recently published a new report in February 2023, conducted by the Metropolitan Research Institute: Housing of Ukrainian Refugees in Europe Options for Long-Term Solutions - Comparative Study. The report examines long-term housing solutions for Ukrainian refugees in Europe, specifically in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. It highlights that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 resulted in over 7.8 million people being displaced from their homes, creating an unprecedented challenge for Europe. The report addresses the critical issues of access to information, financial support, healthcare, education, employment, and affordable housing for the refugees. Additionally, it analyses the housing policies of the five countries to determine their strengths and characteristics that could potentially provide long-term housing solutions for Ukrainian refugees. The report is available here.

Housing of Ukrainian Refugees in Europe
Download PDF • 2.18MB


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