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Focus on social rentals agencies - Case study: SRAs in Brussels (2/2)

The Onslaught of Private Investors on Social Renting The Rassemblement Bruxellois pour le droit à l'habitat (RBDH) is a local group of about fifty associations in Brussels that defend the right to housing and indeed access to affordable housing quality . A crisis of affordable housing Brussels suffers from a lack of social housing: in 2017, its stock amounted to 39,742 housing units, which represents only 7% of the capital housing stock. Supply is insufficient and the construction of new housing is too slow. On average, only 110 new social housing units are built per year. More than 40,000 households are waiting for social housing and have to be housed in the private rental market. But at wh

Focus on social rental agencies - Case study: SRAs in Brussels (1/2)

Investment for affordable housing: the private sector to the rescue of welfare state or taking advantage of a financial opportunity? Inclusio is a Belgian social investment project, responding to the lack of housing for low-income households. It is a joint initiative of Kois, Bank Degroof Petercam and Re-Vive. The development of affordable housing necessitates the development of affordable housing stocks, through construction, mobilisation of vacant housing and socialisation of the private rental sector for instance. But due to the increasing financialisation of housing, for housing to be affordable, a choice must be made by the developer, owner, investor or by the public sector, to rent at