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The City is Ours! How to Regulate Airbnb in the Face of a Housing Crisis

On 18 November, FEANTSA and Fondation Abbé Pierre launched their report on the consequences of Airbnb for the housing market.

This paper explains how the expansive growth of short-term rental platforms in recent years, by extracting housing from the market, has worsened the housing crisis in big cities all over Europe. It establishes an inventory of the damage caused by platforms such as Airbnb and notably how they contribute to housing shortages. Indeed, by raising housing prices, short-term rental platforms, such Airbnb, contribute to the exclusion of low-income households from living in certain areas, mainly city centres. This report highlighted also the legislative battles being fought at local, national and European level, while advocating for effective regulation of theses platforms.

You can find the English version here and the French version here

English version
Download PDF • 1.48MB
French version
Download PDF • 1.49MB

During the debate hosted by the Green/EFA group “affordable housing, Airbnb and the digital services act”, Clotilde Clark Foulquier presented the report:

You can watch the entire webinar here


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